Additional Info on Grub Infestation
Posted on Oct 24th, 2019

Specific KHF common grounds were treated for grub infestation using a granular treatment on Tuesday, October 22nd. The weather was in our favor and the rain we experienced was very beneficial in activating this treatment. The Board has elected to include grub treatment into the scheduled herbicide and fertilization treatment which will commence next spring. Grub treatment will be included in Treatment 2.
Additional Info for Residents:
Ruppert has now provided additional information regarding treatment of grub infestation to any residents’ private grounds surrounding their home. The cost to treat the carriage homes grounds is $100, single homes is $150. If you find this issue on your personal property and wish to arrange for treatment contact Ruppert, Martin Sanchez via cell phone: 610-731-1980 or via email:
If a resident wishes to treat their home themselves, Lowes and Home Depot also sell a product for $50, GRUB-X. Please be extremely cautious in treating your property, as these products are extremely toxic and contain specific and highly recommended safety alerts for application of the product. The various treatments may also be toxic to pets, so please keep this in mind if you are a pet owner. If treatment of your private residence is done, please ensure your property in flagged as an alert to those walking the community or walking a pet.
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