Posted on Oct 12th, 2019

This is an alert to the KHF Community that GRUBS are infesting our community. All residents should be aware of browned grass areas on their property which can easily be pushed back with the toe of your shoe. This most likely indicates you have a GRUB infestation which should be addressed. If you find this issue on your personal property it is suggested that you treat immediately as each owner sees fit to do so or arrange for treatment by contacting Ruppert, Martin Sanchez via cell phone: 610-731-1980 or via email: to discuss the best manner to manage the grubs.
GRUB TREATMENTS come in liquid and granular form. The application chosen is specific and sensitive to the time of year being applied. The various treatments may also be toxic to pets, so please keep this in mind if you are a pet owner. Products for treatment of grubs such as Bio advanced Grub Killer Plus by Bayer may be found at a local hardware store, Home Depot/Lowes or purchased on Amazon.
Common Grounds: The Executive Board has already addressed the GRUB infestation of the common grounds with Ruppert. Ruppert has identified multiple Grub infested areas that will immediately be treated with a granular treatment that requires moisture to activate the granules.  The cool temperatures and morning dew will activate the product to be used and if fortunate enough the treatment will be followed by rain which will be an added bonus to activate the granules.
Within these identified common ground areas, Ruppert will aerate and over-seed, as this is the best time of year to do turf renovations. If the efforts fail to germinate this fall, Ruppert has assured us all treated areas will be re-addressed in the spring at no additional charge. Please note that following aeration the plugs/holes which are created will be the most successful areas for the over-seeding to germinate. In the spring these areas will expand and fill in with grass, but will take some time to mature with grass growth.
Last but not least, the Executive Board is addressing with Ruppert adding GRUB treatment to our schedule of fertilization/herbicide treatments for the 2020 season.
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