Heads-Up: Check Your Furnace Air Intake
Posted on Jan 31st, 2021

Single Family Homes
With Heater in Basement
This notification DOES NOT affect any of the carriage homes or single-family homes where your heater in in the attic or second floor of your home.
In the past some single homes have experienced issues with drifting snow affecting the furnace intake on the exterior side of homes. Due to the impending storm and predictions for snowfall of 12” or more along with the potential for drifting due to high winds this notification is meant to give some residents a “Heads-Up ONLY”.
A sign of trouble is when a furnace repeatedly tries to start unsuccessfully or does not run at all and you are noticing your house is very cold. Usually there are two 3" white PVC pipes extending up the side of single homes. One is an air intake for the furnace- the other is the exhaust for the furnace. When the intake pipe is covered with snow, this can cause a condition whereby the furnace does not sense any incoming air to be used for combustion, and shuts itself off. This means that you will have no heat in the house.  Once the outside pipe has all of the snow removed and is clear, the furnace will start again.
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