Direct Debit Program for Monthly HOA Dues
Posted on Jan 12th, 2020

Just a friendly reminder that the direct debit program is available by going to  If you wish to sign up for the direct debit program, please follow the directions provided in the letter you have received with your coupon booklet containing the sign-up instructions. 
Some homeowners who have attempted to sign up may have clicked on the “pay now” instead of the “ACH” on the right. “ACH” is what should be checked to have your monthly HOA dues automatically debited from your personal bank account.
If you would like to know if you have signed up correctly for the direct debit program, please feel free to contact Debbie Marchiano, Penco Property Manager at 610-358-5580.  If Debbie is unavailable, Denise, Wanda or Accounting can help you.
Thank you for your patience with this transition to the new direct debit program.
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