Amerigas Pricing 2023
Posted on Oct 1st, 2022

Each year we obtain from Amerigas our pricing for the upcoming winter season. The new plan is again a floating-rate plan and is effective 10/1/2022 – 9/30/2023. The plan is calculated using the add-on factor of $0.99 per gallon plus the per gallon spot price of propane at Mt Belvieu, Texas.  The add-on factor for this year increased by $0.05 over last year . Using this agreed upon cost factor a gallon of propane as of the week ending September 23, 2022 would cost $1.96 per gallon.
As always, depending on propane supplies, winter conditions, etc., that per gallon price will go up or down throughout the winter season at the time Amerigas refills a resident's tank. Amerigas invoices will also include an additional $11.99 Hazmat fee on every delivery. This cost is unchanged from the previous year. It has also been confirmed there will be no fuel recovery fees for propane delivery.
For additional information, and to check the price of propane on a specific delivery day please refer to the link “Determining the Spot Price of Propane” found under the “WebLinks and Contacts” section on the KHF website.
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