Photo Album Clubhouse Stucco Remediation
Posted on Apr 6th, 2021

A photo album of our Clubhouse Stucco Remediation Project is now available on the website. The project is progressing according to schedule. Board members met with Best Value Exteriors today to review the areas of severe wood rot that has been found. The new re-manufactured stone is currently being applied on the chimney area and the Hardi Plank siding will be applied to the front of the clubhouse within the next two weeks.
How to access the Photo Album:
Step 1: Under Residents on the left-hand side of the website Home Page click on “Photo Albums”
Step 2: Click on Clubhouse Stucco Remediation located under the picture.
Step 3: Pictures may be viewed individually or you can click on “View as Slideshow” which is located on the upper right-hand side of your screen.
CAUTION: It is highly recommended that all dog walkers and all residents avoid the parking lot area during construction as it has been noted that there are random nails on the parking lot and we do not want to see anyone’s pet injured or any resident inadvertently picking up a nail in their shoe. Best Value Exteriors is doing nightly clean-up but this is a construction area and should be avoided at all times of the day. We appreciate the cooperation of all residents. Be Safe, Be Cautious.
Comment By: Butch Dutter
Posted on Apr 7, 2021

Very nice the photos were taken and posted for all to see how bad some of the damage really was and all the work going into this project. Thank you!