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In the navigation menu on the left side of any page, click the page you want to view next. For your convenience, the bottom of each page contains an arrow (â–²) that can be clicked for a quick return to the top.
Login and Register options are located at the very top of the page. If you have logged in, they are replaced by Logout and Your Profile options.
New Residents
Click Register, then enter your name(s), street address, phone number(s) and email address(es). Scroll to the bottom, enter the displayed code, then click Submit. Your login credentials will be emailed to you.
Logging In
Click Login, then enter the Username and Password that was assigned. If you check Remember Me, future logins on this device can be made automatically. CAUTION: Do this only if you own this device.
Forgot Your Password?
Click Login, then enter your Username and click Forgot Password. Your password will be emailed to you.
Your Profile
Your password and your personal information, such as name(s) and address, are contained in a profile that is under your control. It's your information and you can change it whenever necessary.
Changing Your Password
Login, then click Your Profile. In your profile, enter and verify a new password, then click Submit.
Changing Your Personal Information
Login, then click Your Profile. In the profile, enter or modify fields as necessary in the Your Information and/or Second Resident's Information sections, then click Submit.
Pages in this group are available without logging in.
Current community news and announcements, as well as information about upcoming events.
To submit a new event for approval and posting, click View All Events. On the next page, click Add New Event, then enter the event's details and click Save.
About Us
Information about the community, its amenities and the variety of activities and events that it offers.
A summary of the events scheduled for each day of a month. Click any event to see details, or in an open space above or below the events to see a complete list of that day's events.
To submit a new event for approval and posting, click Submit a New Event, then enter the event's details and click Save.
Only logged-in users can access these pages.
A list containing each resident's name, address and home phone. Click Profile to the left of  any resident to see more detailed information. The Search tool at the top of the page can be used to locate residents using partial information. For example: Member 1 First Name contains William OR Member 1 First Name contains Bill. To print a hard-copy of the directory, click Printer Friendly.
Executive Board membership, the board's meeting schedule and a complete list of all board minutes. Click any item in the minutes list to view the document.
Lists of the community's committees and activities, including contact information. Entities that are shaded have their own web page, which can be viewed by clicking.
Community guidelines, policies, procedures, financial statements and other documents can be viewed and/or printed.
Minutes can be selected by date from any committee's list.
Clubhouse, architectural/landscape and other forms can be selected for printing.
For Sale
Residents can advertise items they wish to sell. To add a listing of your own, click Submit an Ad, then enter the event's details and click Submit.
Photo Albums
Use the Select Album dropdown list to view a specific photo album.
Contact Us
Use the Send To dropdown list to designate the recipient of your message. If you are a new resident, it will be helpful to include your address and phone number as well.
The community's administrative records are available to the Executive Board and the Managing Agent.