Maintenance of KHF Community - Week of August 2nd
Posted on Jul 30th, 2021
Street Maintenance of Storm Sewer System:
Honey Brook Township will be continuing the maintenance of the KHF’s streets storm sewer system the week of August 2nd.
It is potentially possible that this maintenance will require road closure of the west entrance of Augusta Drive for several days throughout the week.  At the time of road closure use the main KHF entrance of Augusta Drive to enter and exit the community. The township manager will provide more information to the community early next week and if necessary, residents will be updated. During the maintenance of our Storm Sewer System please avoid these areas throughout the community and use the walking paths for daily exercise.
Grinder Pump Maintenance: residents of homes 157-181 Augusta Drive
In addition, on Tuesday, August 3rd and Wednesday, August 4th, Erb & Sons Septic Maintenance will be performing an inspection and maintenance of the grinder pumps of several homes located 157 Augusta – 181 Augusta Drive.  There will be a large 5,000-gallon tank truck and technician maintenance vans present on-site during the hours of approximately 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Please avoid these areas at this time and use the main entrance of Augusta Drive when entering and exiting the community.
Thank you for your cooperation during this week of maintenance activities throughout KHF.
New Clubhouse Manager Job Description
Posted on Jul 30th, 2021
Volunteer(s) still needed to help with managing the clubhouse.  Please check out the new job description on the KHF website located under "Documents".
Contact Cheryl Hanson, Executive Board Clubhouse Liaison, if interested. 
Thanks so much!!


Meeting Minutes Postings

The July 28, 2021, Executive Board Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Governance Page.
The July 14, 2021, ALC Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Minutes Page.
The July 12, 2021, Social Committee Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Minutes Page.
Davis Directory & Phone Book 
The KHF June 3, 2021 Contact List can be found on the Documents Page under Documents & Policies.
The June 2021 Davis Directory can be found on the Documents Page under Documents & Policies.

Upcoming Events
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Local Community Upcoming Events
Twin Valley School District Tax Bills
July 21st - Tax Bills Mailed
Changes to the tax bill collection periods are as follows: 
Installment Due Dates
August 19th - 1st installment 
October 19th - 2nd installment 
December 19th - 3rd Installment
Note: If the first installment is not paid on time, as in previous years, you cannot do installments.
Discount Period
July 20th –September 19th
 Base Period
September 20th –November 19th
Penalty Period Starts
November 20th

Note: Taxpayers will have until January 7th to pay tax bills during the penalty period. January 7th is as far out as the deadline during the penalty period can be extended due to requirements of the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Twin Valley School District Business Office at (610)286-8600 x1632.

Weblinks & Contacts
KHF Clubhouse - 610.273.9506
State Police - 610.486.6280 (Dial 911 for Emergencies)
PENCO Management, Inc, - (Debbie Marchiano) -  610.358.5580 x1006
Comcast - 1.800.934.6489
PP&L (Outage Reporting) - 1.800.342.5775
Amerigas - 717.768.8248
Blosenski Trash & Recycling Service - 610.942.2707
Ruppert Landscaping - Martin Sanchez  - 610.731.1980

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