Ruppert - 1st Turf Application - Tuesday April 4th
Posted on Apr 1st, 2023
The first turf application will occur on Tuesday, April 4th. The product data sheets are available on the website under “Documents” > “Landscaping Files”> Ruppert Seasonal Services > 2023 Treatments > First Turf Treatment - April 4, 2023.
Ruppert Grounds Treatments - Pet Guidelines
Posted on Mar 29th, 2023
There has been some concern about the products that were used by Ruppert Landscape on Tuesday, March 28th and the safety of these products regarding our pets. The information noted below is being shared with the community, as per Jason Groff, Ruppert Field Manager.
Curbside Area- This area was treated with a pre-emergent Herbicide (SureGuard) and as with most of these products, pets should be kept off of the treated area until it is dry. For larger areas treated such as the entire lawn, 48 hours is recommended.
Resident Beds (prior to mulching) – Crew is a pre-emergent product that was used prior to mulching our beds. It is relatively non-toxic to dogs; however, it is always prudent to keep your pet off of any treated area that remains wet until it has dried.
Resident Beds (after mulching) - As per our contract, Ruppert Landscape will address weeds in our front mulch beds as part of the mowing process. This is done by the use of Cornerstone Plus (the generic version of Roundup) in a very dilute form but the guidelines remain the same and that is that the pet should not be on a treated area until it has dried. Tuesday, March 28th, there were Ruppert workmen in the community walking around and through the mulch beds with sprayers. If any weeds were identified, they were sprayed. These cone-like sprayers direct the product (diluted Cornerstone Plus) to a concentrated area not over the entire bed.
Summary: Residents should keep their pets away from their front mulch beds for a few hours after a Landscape Maintenance visit in the event that any weeds have been treated. The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Spring 2023 products noted above are posted on the website under Documents > Landscaping Files.
Hopefully, this guideline will help to keep our furry friends happy and well.
KHF Community Garden - 2023
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2023
Our neighbors, Jeff and Sylvia Beck, have again offered us some of their property for Knob Hill Farm gardeners.  The garden is located just across Cambridge Road.
If you enjoy planting, tending and harvesting the best vegetables ever, come and join us.  Especially the tomatoes! 
We will have a brief meeting at the garden in the next few days where you can decide how much room you want in the garden.  If you have never planted a garden, your garden neighbors are available for advice.
If you are interested, refer to the e-mail sent Thursday, March 23rd for whom to contact.


Meeting Minutes Postings

The March 29, 2023, Executive Board Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Governance Page.

The March 23, 2023, Architectural & Landscape Committee Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Minutes Page.

The March 13, 2023, Social Committee Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Minutes Page.

Davis Directory & Phone Book 
The December Davis Directory can be found on the Documents Page under Documents & Policies.
The KHF March 26, 2023, Contact List can be found on the Documents Page under Documents & Policies.               

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